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Urban Legends of the Encyclopedia – page 1

Posted in Other Humor on September 25, 2009 by stopmeowing

This is Urban Legends of the Encyclopedia, where I uncover things that you may have always held as fact and reveal them to be fiction.  Prepare to have your mind blown.

1.  The pulley is a simple machine that alters force and makes heavy loads easier to lift.


Actually, the pulley forces you to not only counteract the force of the load you are lifting, but you essentially have to lift the pulley as well, more than doubling the force required.

2.  The Green Bay Packers won the first two Super Bowls.


The first Super Bowl was actually played in the Roman Empire in 15 A.D.  A then-unknown Jesus of Nazareth won Bowl MVP after catching three touchdowns and returning a punt for another score, all on the same play, to lead his Miami Dolphins to victory.  Another interesting fact: the Romans numbered their Super Bowls using the Arabic numeral system to be eccentric.

3.  There were thirteen colonies in colonial America.


There were actually twelve colonies until the Revolution, at which point the British propaganda ministry told everyone that Carolina was actually two separate colonies, North and South, hoping the unlucky number thirteen would curse the colonials and cause their defeat.  North and South Carolina have since rejoined to create one state.

4.  Pablo Picasso was a notable painter.


Picasso’s so-called “paintings” were actually sculptures that he created and photographed.  He then altered the photos using top-of-the-line photo editing technology to create the effect of a painting.  Picasso preferred this method because he hated getting paint on his clothes.

5. William Henry Harrison was the first U.S. President to die in office.


John Quincy Adams was clinically dead for the first two months of his term, but no one noticed.