The Plan

Hello everyone!  This is where I’m going to be doing my sports blogging, and hopefully, you’re going to get a lot of video blogs from me!

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish:

* Regular video posts of a sports news satire show, featuring three alter egos.  The first is Professional Dan – he runs the show and keeps everything respectable.  The second is Meticulous Dan – he digs into the figures and trends and comes up with highly informed decisions.  The third is Drunk Dan, who pretty much works from his gut and invents crazy theories.  They will be joined by Not Dan, who represents the “common” or “popular” view in the sports journalism world.  He’ll play devil’s advocate for me, presenting the arguments I myself don’t actually believe.

* I’ll also be doing some written-only blogs, for when I have something better expressed written than via video.  And maybe some guest blogs; I’m particularly hoping my younger brother will present some college scouting reports for me.

* In another part of the site, I’ll have some of my writings; mostly comedic sketches.  They’re there to make people laugh, and if any sketch comedy groups are interested in performing them, they can let me know!

* I’d love to get Musical Dan going on putting some projects in here, we’ll see if he ever gets his act together and records anything.

* I may have other thoughts that need expressing, as well.  We’ll see.

Wish me luck!



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